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A passport is perceived by each nation-state as a confident demonstration of national sovereignty and ability to control the citizens. Herewith, there is a potential and actual control over the people being on the national and foreign territory. Each nation-state has an explicit interest in control of movement, not its freedom. Such an interest can motivate colluding and other cryptological measures aimed at exercising limiting actions regarding a citizen.


Driver License & ID

You can buy a registered Driver’s License or Buy Real ID Card and enjoy the full access of motor vehicle services like , driving , buy or rent a car, board a plane etc.



A Social Security Number is usually issued just once. However, if it gets lost or stolen, you need to replace it. Want to avoid the hassle? Do it online! Here you can order a new SSN without ever leaving your home.


Permanent Residence

While our clients are already in EU and some are out of EU, most of our clients request for a long term residence permit in an EU country (or permanent residence). However, a good percentage of them do need the Canadian residence permit as well as some do buy the USA green Card. It is worth noting that even in the EU, we frequently have clients who want to buy the UK residence permit, the German Residence permits, the Italian residence permit, the Spanish residence permit, the Belgian residence permit and the Netherlands residence permits.

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